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Will Lower Speed Limits Limit Accidents?

In the City of Boston, local government enacted a law that lowered the speed limit on city streets to 25 mph from 30 mph. Their idea was to lower the number of automobile accidents and the injuries and deaths associated with them. Initial data are promising. For example, the chances of someone driving more than 35 mph when the limit is 25 instead of 30 are lowered by 29.3 percent.

This is statistically significant if that hypothetical driver were to hit someone. The chances of serious injury or death from a 31-mph collision between car and pedestrian are twice as high as the chances in the same kind of collision if the driver were only to be going 25 mph.

There are currently no data regarding the lowering of the number of accidents in Boston because of the new law. However, there are scientific data based on the laws of physics that say, basically, “A car going slower will not hurt you as badly as it would were it to be going faster.”

In the City of Houston, there are an average of 640 accident fatalities during any calendar year. That’s more than a dozen a week. Many of those were vehicle-striking-pedestrian accidents. Although there is no causation, there is at least a small degree of correlation that a lower speed limit within the city limits would reduce the number of dead and injured people from these collisions.

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